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1 6497 2 11 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IRavenshaw University(University) R/R work to Non Res. and Res. Building at Ravenshaw University Cuttack during the year 2016-17 & 2017-18. View Letter --
2 6492 1 10 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ISmt.Laxmipriya Mohapatra B CClass Contractor(other) Construction of Administrative Block, Class room of Hindi Teachers Training Institute a Old Secretariat,Cuttack. View Letter --
3 6490 -- 10 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ID.GM.Civil OMC Ltd.(other) Authentication of experience certificate issued in favour of Kalinga Combines Pvt.Ltd. View Letter --
4 6487 2 10 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IWork - Chief Engineer, Design(Chief Engineer) Submission of AS BUILT DRAWING of LINAC Block inside AHRCC,Cuttack. View Letter --
5 6486 -- 09 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IAll SDOs(other) PROGRAMME FOR HOLDING OF TRANGULAR COMMITTEE MEETING IN THE o/O OF THE E.E(R&B) Divn.,CUTTACK. View Letter --
6 6485 -- 09 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IDy.E.E. CS No.l(other) Rectification of defects in the fire equipments installed in the new building of O.H.C. View Letter --
7 6391 -- 07 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IWorks - EE ,(RandB).Divn.No-II,Cuttack(Executive Engineer R and B) Triangular committee meeting on 10.10.2017 View Letter --
8 6350 -- 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ISDO G.E. No-l(other) Special Repairing of 10 Passenger Bharat Make Lift (G+1) at OHC,Cuttack. View Letter --
9 6349 -- 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ISDO G.E. No-l(other) Renewal for AMC of Fifteen Passenger Automatic BED lift Bharat Make at Cancer Deptt.,Cuttack. for the Period from 01.06.2017 to 31.05.2018. View Letter --
10 6348 -- 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ISDO G.E. No-l(other) For AMC of Lift & Deployment of 2no Lift Operator One no Bharat Make Lift Convert to EVS (P) Ltd.Automatic 3VF, Door Sencer, Floor Voice, With ARD 10 Passanger Lift installed at near erstwhile Court No.V in OHC,Cuttack. View Letter --
11 6347 -- 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ISDO G.E. No-l(other) For AMC of Lift & Deployment of 2no Lift Operator One no 10 Passanger Automatic Lift (G+4) installed at OHC,Cuttack. View Letter --
12 6345 1 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IWorks Dept - Under Secretary to Govt.(Sri Lingaraj Nayak)(Department Officials) Submission of information for preparation of Annual report of Odisha Information Commission for the year 2016-17 unde section-25 of the R.T.I.Act.2005. View Letter --
13 6337 -- 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IAsst. Registrar Admn OHC(other) White washing and minor repair work in Qr.No.A/11 at New LIC Colony,Badambadi,Cuttack. View Letter --
14 6333 3 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.IA.C.P. Traffic(other) Permission for plying transporting vehicle carrying readymix concrete in day time from Mancheswar, BBSR to Ravenshaw Junior Collage Gate for the work Construction of Academic Building at Ravenshaw Junior Collage. View Letter --
15 6332 -- 04 Oct 2017EE.,Cuttack (R&B) Division No.ICuttack(Collector cum DM) e-Abhijoga of Sri Sourav Mishra, C/o-Debendranath Mishra,Qtr.No.D/1,Medical Campus,Cuttack. View Letter --