Chief District Veterinary Officer Sundargarh

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1 835 -- 30 Apr 2017Chief District Veterinary Officer, JharsugudaSundergarh, CDVO (Chief District Veterinary Office) compliance of spl. IAR 3/2015-16 Para No.22(i) and 24 View Letter --
2 255 1 24 Jan 2017Executive Engineer,Sundergarh, CDVO (Chief District Veterinary Office) Sub: Submission of plan & estimate for tl-re r'r'ork: Constluction oi Donnitorl' for in-house Training Programme of Farmers at Sundargarh for 2016-17 (1st floor of District Training Centre Building)' View Letter --
3 2039 -- 31 Jan 2017Public Information OfficerSundergarh, CDVO (Chief District Veterinary Office) Right to information act 05 View Letter --
4 686 -- 01 Nov 2016DDHSundergarh, CDVO (Chief District Veterinary Office) Implementation of the project on use of Poultry Manure as organic fertilizer for crop production under RKVY. View Letter --
5 5216 -- 26 Dec 2016Chief District Veterinary Officer, Ganjam, BerhampSundergarh, CDVO (Chief District Veterinary Office) Absentee statement of Dr. R.N. Panda, ADVO(DC) O/O- the C.D.V.O., Sundargarh deployment to O/O- the C.D.V.O., Ganjam, Berhampur for the Month of December, 2016. View Letter --