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1 17611 2 19 Apr 2018SE (Planning and Design)Works - EE RandB Keonjhar (Executive Engineer R and B) O.A.No.2626(C)/2016 filed by Prvat Ku. Mohapatra -Vrs- State oif Odisha and others. View Letter --
2 17594 2 19 Apr 2018SE Design(Buildings)Works - EE RandB Ganjam-I (Executive Engineer R and B) Const. of Special Cabin (G+5) for M.K.C.G. College and Hospital at Berhampur. View Letter --
3 17567 2 19 Apr 2018SE Designs (Bridge)Works - EE RandB Kalahandi (Executive Engineer R and B) H.L.Bridge over river Mudrajore at Chainage 32/360km on Ampani- Dharmagarh road in the district of Kalahandi under CRF. View Letter --
4 17563 3 19 Apr 2018CE, BuildingGA and PG Dept. - Director of E-State Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to Govt. (Department Officials) Submission of Estimate for the work "Construction of proposed Multistoried VI (F) Type Quarters over Plot No- 960 at Madhusudan Nagar, Unit-4, Bhubaneswar". View Letter --
5 17558 4 19 Apr 2018SE (Planning and Design)Order (other) Part ;final withdrawl of G.P.F. of Sri Keshab Ch. Behera Daftary. View Letter --
6 17556 1 19 Apr 2018SE (Planning and Design)Executive Engineer R and B (4) Vacant position of ;PWD Quarters at Bhubaneswar. View Letter --